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Ricardo Falcon, Regional Director - Mexico, Genscape Power
June 29, 2018
Get ready for a long Sunday. On July 1, 2018, pollsters expect Mexican voters to elect populist, left-wing candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (a.k.a. AMLO), to office as the next President. A member of the Morena party, AMLO emerged as the frontrunner, capitalizing on widespread outrage with...
Oil tanks
Suzanne Danforth, Genscape Oil and Jim Venhoff, Genscape Ag and Biofuels
June 20, 2018
U.S. domestic ethanol demand suffered this spring relative to 2017, despite consistently favorable blending values and increasing Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) requirements. The decline, following a period of historically low ethanol prices this winter, forced the ethanol industry to diversify and seek new...
Chicago Ethanol Inventory
Jim Venhoff, Manager, Agriculture & Biofuels
June 15, 2018
On March 23, 2018 President Trump’s new tariffs on U.S. steel and aluminum imports went live, creating a ripple effect on other commodity markets across the globe. In response, several other countries announced retaliatory tariffs of their own on critical American exports including pork products,...
Salem Harbor Footprint
Robert Lance & Julien Vandal, Genscape Power & Molly Rosenstein & Josh Garcia, Genscape Natural Gas
June 13, 2018
Two natural gas-fueled combined-cycle electric generating facilities entered the ISO-NE supply stack since May 21. Competitive Power Venture’s (CPV) 785 megawatt (MW) Towantic facility in Oxford, CT, and the Salem Harbor 674 MW Generating Station in Salem, MA, will no doubt be game changers for general...
spring power lines
Zachary Szumloz, Meteorologist/Electricity Demand Forecaster
June 06, 2018
With Summer 2018 upon us, power market participants need to prepare for the impacts of strong demand. Genscape analysts expect to see electricity demand increase, with the hottest and most humid days leading to a coincident peak (CP) day. CP days are an important mechanic in several markets that are...
solar panels
Adrienne Horne, Julien Vandal, Robert Lance, and Zachary Szumloz, Genscape Power
June 05, 2018
In this blog series, we explore the regional power market impacts of behind the meter solar generation (BTM). In this post, we examine the ISO New England (ISO-NE) power market region, where we are starting to see clear patterns of price volatility driven by incorrect expectations of BTM. Stay tuned for the...
Suzanne Danforth, Director, Downstream Product Development, Genscape Oil
May 25, 2018
The recent jump in gasoline prices to nearly four-year highs is starting to erode U.S. gasoline demand relative to last year as the summer gasoline season approaches,​ according to Genscape Supply Side Weekly Gasoline Demand Report data. Diesel demand, however, has expanded relative to 2017 in the...
David Arno and Dylan White, Genscape Oil
May 11, 2018
Waterborne exports of U.S. crude reached a record-high amount in April, according to Genscape’s North American Waterborne report. The trend of high export volumes is expected to continue due to an ongoing, relatively wide NYMEX Light Sweet crude (WTI)/ICE Brent spread. Crude exports in April, all...
power lines and plant
Matthew Boyda, Product Manager, and Jeffrey Thibodeau, ERCOT Power Market Analyst
May 11, 2018
  During early May 2018, the ERCOT power market experienced an unprecedented level of real-time congestion. In an already volatile market, this can create a number of unanswered questions. A few of these questions include, “were there any new real-time congestion events?” and “were...
gasoline tanker
Suzanne Danforth and Paulo Nery, Genscape Oil
May 08, 2018
Total gasoline and components shipped to the U.S. from Europe, Baltic, and east of Suez refineries was 1.98mn metric tons in April 2018, a record high, according to Genscape's European Waterborne Products Report. A spring surge in transatlantic gasoline shipments to the U.S. is not unusual. Seasonally...