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Quickly access key vessel characteristics to improve operations 

Receive the most up-to-date ship information to identify market trends 

As a leader in providing real-time global AIS vessel movements. Genscape Vesseltracker maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date vessel database. The ShipDB database covers vessel characteristics, such as capacity, dimensions, management and ownership structure and details, classification, engine, equipment, and yard and build information. ShipDB boasts more than 600 data fields on over 170,000 vessels, as well as over 1 million vessel photographs, delivering and presenting the data in multiple formats that customers can easily interpret and consume.

Genscape Vesseltracker offers near to 100% coverage across all major fields, for the active commercial fleet and acquires official registry data and information through multiple sources, with all fields validated through a minimum 5-stage validation process. Genscape Vesseltracker ShipDB

Key features of the ShipDB database:

  • Tracked changes: Follow and save ownership, management, and name changes for accurate reference of fleet and market segmentation and utilization
  • Orderbooks: Receive updates on new builds and demolitions added to and tagged in the database as and when they occur
  • Timely information: Access the only comprehensive vessel database available as a daily bulk upload as well as on demand via REST in XML and json format
  • Detailed classification: Leverage the certification, classification, and functionality data in the platform for extra insight into market activity
  • Format delivery: Get information from the database in multiple formats (.csv, XML, json) and delivery methods (sFTP and REST API)


Delivery: sFTP and REST API

Frequency: Daily

Locations: Global

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