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Access the most accurate global shipping data available 

Improve business growth and risk mitigation with customized real-time and historical data

Genscape Vesseltracker specializes in receiving, processing, and storing enormous amounts of maritime data and intelligence to provide professional, comprehensive, and diverse solutions for industry players. By combining proprietary AIS data collected from the largest and fastest-growing, commercially-owned AIS antenna network with satellite AIS data, Genscape Vesseltracker processes over 500 million signals daily, monitoring over 170,000 vessels, recognizing over 55 million vessel related events and status changes.

Timely and customizable API and data delivery solutions allows clients to select exactly what they need across service categories to optimize their work flow. All data is validated and cleansed to ensure optimal quality and can be delivered through API (REST and SOAP), sFTP and NMEA data streams. 

Leverage the adaptable, dynamic service, tailors to individual needs and work flows through: 

Global Vessel Tracking:

Terrestrial & Satellite AIS

Real-time and historical tracking of individual vessels, as well as region based and fleet-based tracking that can be set to recognize industry standards as well as being fully customizable. Access over 10 years of complete history to get an accurate and complete picture at any time. 

Operational Insight:

Voyage Events & Analytics

Voyage Events compresses large amounts of AIS messages into distinguishable voyage occurrences. Combined with movements through exclusive economic zones, war-risk zones, anchorages, ports, terminals, facilities, and STS interactions provide unrivaled voyage and operations insight into the global commodity chain.

Arrivals & Departures:

Ports & Terminals 

Vessel arrivals to and departures from all ports, reported down to port and berth level allow scheduling system automation. Providing useful information such as port and terminal turn-around times, utilization, and efficiency increases authority and confidence when making decisions related to the movement and operations of assets. 

Key Vessel Information: 

Ship Characteristics, Specifications & Ownership Data

The ShipDB database shares the latest information on vessel owners, managers, insurers, dimensions, capacity, equipment, engines, and other vessel data to ensure contact with the right people, at the right time, for the right reason to optimize the processes of fleet recognition and sales and marketing across all maritime sectors. 

Fundamental Data:

Weather & ETA Calculations

A complete global weather forecast as well as historical database of reported weather combined with advanced ETA calculation algorithms compiled from over 10 years of historical data. Covering global shipping lanes and the option to use or avoid restricted waterways, inland waterways and piracy zones to ensure accurate ETA prediction for optimized operations.

Genscape Vesseltracker UI:

Drive by Genscape Vesseltracker's comprehensive data services, is an intuitive, workflow-adapted, online user interface that allows the real-time and historical tracking of all AIS equipped vessels globally from the most comprehensive AIS network on the market. This modern, comprehensive service provides daily coverage of over 170,000 vessels. 


Delivery: API (REST and SOAP), sFTP and NMEA data streams

Frequency: Daily

Locations: Global

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