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A comprehensive look at the natural gas market fundamentals driving the forward curve, forecasted 18-months out

Anticipate long-term market impacts and trends with forward-looking supply and demand balances

Drawing key supply data from the industry’s most accurate, detailednatural gas production forecast, Genscape's Natural Gas Forward S&D Report provides a regional five-year outlook for the Lower 48.

Combined with Genscape’s proprietary, real-time power monitoring data for historical demand, expert analysts deliver a highly accurate and detailed supply and demand outlook. The long-term weekly updates, including granular data for use in in-house models, offer an unprecedented view into the factors impacting the state of trade in the U.S.

Forward supply and demand August 2016 forecast


Delivery: Emailed Excel & PDF Reports

Frequency: Daily, Weekly

Location: North America

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The only gas production forecast that provides weekly updates & detailed production forecasts for over 50 regions in the Lower 48 & Canada

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Features of Genscape's Natural Gas Weekly Forward S&D Report:

  • Weekly Excel file with granular data forecasted 18-months out, including five years of history
  • Weekly PDF reports:
    • Gross-up of regional pipeline production based on Spring Rock Production Reports
    • EIA weekly release recap report highlighting the implied fundamental meaning of the current week’s EIA release
    • Estimate of power consumption on a national level derived from Genscape’s natural gas power burn model that incorporates proprietary electricity monitor data
    • Overview of heating and cooling degree days
    • Commentary and expert insight into market movements

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Benefits of Genscape's Natural Gas Weekly Forward S&D Report:

  • Estimate long-term storage to anticipate impacts on the forward curve
  • Predict the price of natural gas using a long-term supply and demand point-of-view model
  • Understand market fundamentals to assess the accuracy of forward prices
  • Replace or inform in-house models with daily, granular forecast data
  • Direct access – email, instant message, phone – to the experienced traders and analysts who create these reports


A daily regional breakdown of supply & demand balances, 3 months ahead of EIA monthlies