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Granular detail for over 250 natural gas pipeline, gathering line, and processing plant projects in North America

Anticipate and quantify the impact of planned natural gas infrastructure projects with the industry's most complete project tracking database

In today’s commodity environment, ongoing decisions by producers and midstream players regarding planned projects is a critical component to understanding the future infrastructure landscape and preparing for what’s to come. Up-to-date, reliable insight into these decisions reduces blind spots. Natural Gas Pipeline image

Genscape’s Natural Gas Infrastructure Intelligence service offers the most complete and detailed tracking of processing plant, pipeline, and gathering line projects in the United States. Data is delivered monthly based on a comprehensive review of company statements, investor presentations, earnings call transcripts, FERC filings, and more. Expert analysts collect and interpret the information to deliver a streamlined approach for understanding and quantifying the influence of planned projects on the market.


Delivery: Available 24/7 via Genscape's Natural Gas Notices & Maintenance portal

Frequency: Updated daily

Locations: North America

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On-demand data for 2,000+ MB/d of upcoming NGL pipeline expansions

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Genscape's Natural Gas Infrastructure Intelligence service features:

Genscape's Natural Gas Notices & Maintenance platform

  • Tracking for over 300 current and upcoming mainstream natural gas projects in the U.S., including processing plants, pipelines, and gathering systems
  • Weekly chance report covering updates to important project attributes in prior 7 days of research (Fridays)
  • A database that includes projected start dates, capacity expected, and current project status, updated daily and available 24/7 via Genscape's Natural Gas Notices & Maintenance portal
  • Bi-weekly 3-5 page Infrastructure Intelligence report summarizing recent news and additional analytical insight into spotlighted projects
  • Monthly OneNote file with earnings call transcripts, investor presentations, and analyst notes from FERC documents
  • Monthly Excel summary sheet with data for over 300 current and upcoming mainstream natural gas projects in North America
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Receive timely LNG updates & expert market commentary covering the North American LNG Markets

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Natural Gas Infrastructure Intelligence service clients benefit by:

  • Reducing blind spots with a greater understanding of the future of natural gas infrastructure
  • Anticipating supply and demand impacts with up-to-date project plans
  • Understanding and quantifying the influence of planned projects on the forward curve
  • Conducting in-depth analysis on specific states or projects with an easy-to-use Excel database
  • Saving time and resources conducting in-house or outsourced research
  • Gaining direct access via email, instant message, or phone to the experienced analysts behind the report
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