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Receive daily oil production estimates for critical global producers based on near real-time signals intelligence, data science, and fundamental research

Over 26 million barrels per day of global petroleum liquids production (oil, condensate, NGLs, and other liquids) country-by-country

Genscape’s High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor is the leading source for daily oil production data for impactful, oil-producing countries. The Monitor combines advanced signals intelligence with field production data to determine current, daily production estimates. Our signals intelligence sources include, but are not limited to, satellite, Genscape Voyage Events, and gas nomination data.

We generate accurate, country-level production estimates and detect inflection points earlier than other market sources. This product analyzes the nature and magnitude of field-level signals alongside the associated field’s operational characteristics and production history. We then algorithmically interpret the data to provide an actual estimate of daily liquids production rather than a simple on/off activity indicator. Currently, the Monitor covers the United States, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Libya, Ecuador, the Neutral Zone, and more.

Genscape High- Frequency Oil Production Monitor

Financial and physical traders, analysts, portfolio managers, refiners, petroleum producers, and others can leverage the report to make better-informed decisions and stay on top of volatile producing nations, especially those with limited transparency.


Delivery: API

Frequency: Daily

Location: Global

Subscribe: Call +31 20 524 4089 or +1 866 292 8060

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Feature of the High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor:

  • Daily updates delivered via an API feed
  • Daily country level production data built by industry experts and enhanced with data science

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Benefits of the High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor:

  • Receive unparalleled, near real-time production levels
  • Trade events with more confidence
  • Gain an information advantage on crucial oil supply