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Get comprehensive, timely coverage of global liquids production including oil, condensate, NGLs, and other liquids

Feed your existing models with a modular report, raw data by country and liquid type

Genscape’s Global Oil Supply Report ties together fundamental, actionable intelligence across several petroleum producing regions to provide insight into changes in the supply chain. The disaggregated forecast by country and liquid type provides monthly and annual periodicities. Moreover, each country builds up from individual field-area levels into the nation’s total production to capture discreet events and production plans quickly. Clients receive updated forecasts on a monthly basis.

Traders, analysts, portfolio managers, refiners, petroleum producers, and others can leverage the report to make better-informed decisions and stay on top of producing regions, especially those with limited transparency.

In addition to country and field research, the report makes uses of waterborne cargo tracking and other signals intelligence to decipher current production levels and changes that affect future volumes.

Importantly, Genscape recently combined its proprietary flare signature evaluation methodology with liquids production data by field in Libya and Venezuela (coverage is expanding to other countries) to create its High-Frequency Oil Production Monitor ("HFOPM"), which is a high-frequency estimate of total oil and other liquids production. The goal is to generate accurate production level tracking and detect inflection points earlier by assessing previous weeks and months faster than other sources.

Genscape High- Frequency Oil Production Monitor

The HFOPM's methodology goes beyond a simple on/off flare indicator – it incorporates the magnitude and nature of the flares to interpret data properly given flare signature information content is not always static across time depending on each individual field's operational characteristics.

Clients of the Global Oil Supply Report receive discounted access to the HFOPM.



Delivery: Email

Frequency: Monthly

Location: Global

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The Global Oil Supply Report includes:

  • Monthly updates
  • Country level forecasts derived from coverage of several thousand global production streams
  • Data file containing a five-year forecast (monthly and annual periodicity) broken out by country and liquid type (crude, condensate, NGLs, and other liquids)
  • Data file containing historical data from 2010 by country and liquid type (crude, condensate, NGLs, and other liquids)
  • Analysis and commentary that provide vital insights into evolving trends and events

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Benefits of the Global Oil Supply Report:

  • Save time by plugging this modular report into existing global crude supply models
  • Leverage comprehensive coverage of regions sourced through a combination of government data, operator data, regulatory documents, news, and Genscape’s proprietary data
  • Understand Genscape’s forecast for regions and and make decisions using the pertinent underlying fundamental source data, which includes imagery and flaring signals
  • Get timely alerts from Genscape’s active monitoring, for the closest to “real-time” reporting available