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Gain unmatched insight into the Marcellus/Utica shale plays with real-time, accurate data and alerts on fractionation and pipeline operations

Optimize trading and supply with expansive coverage and prompt delivery of proprietary, critical information

NGL production in the Marcellus and Utica NGL-rich gas shale plays is expected to continue to grow, whereas the growth rate is slowing down elsewhere in the U.S. The Northeast is expected to grow by 150,000 b/d in 2015 relative to the previous year, averaging just under 400,000 b/d, according to Genscape forecasts – up 66 percent from 2014 levels. By the end of 2016, NGL production is expected to near 600,000 b/d in the Northeast. As such, both fractionation and pipeline transportation infrastructure have grown on a massive scale in recent years to accommodate this rapid growth. The NGL production growth in these areas ties into the U.S. Gulf Coast, Canadian, and international markets, positioning the Marcellus and the Utica as a key swing supply area for North America and the globe.

The Marcellus/Utica NGL Supply Chain Monitoring Service provides subscribers with unique, real-time information on fractionation and pipeline operations for a holistic view into these rapidly expanding production areas.

Genscape's aerial cameras identify operational disruptions at fractionators and NGLs pipelines in real-time


Delivery: Emailed alerts, historical data on fractionation operations & pipeline flow data & access to Genscape's Oil Intelligence Dashboard

Frequency: Real-time

Locations: United States

Subscribe: Call 866 292 8060

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Understand the Effects of NGL Production Growth in the Northeast

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Features of Genscape's Marcellus/Utica NGL Supply Chain Monitoring Service : 

  • Expanding coverage of fractionation capacity in the Northeast and purity NGL pipelines originating in the Northeast
  • Real-time alerts on Marcellus/Utica fractionation operations, including shutdowns, restarts, and flaring events
  • Historical information on Marcellus/Utica fractionation operations
  • Real-time alerts of significant changes to flows based on proprietary flow data and knowledge of the historical operating profile for each pipeline
  • Downloadable flow data for monitored pipelines in 30-minute, daily, weekly, or monthly increments
  • Daily operational view of individual pipelines that includes several hours of flow history, as well as charts on weekly flow year-on-year and real-time flow
Marcellus/Utica Supply Chain Monitoring Service
Supplements the Monthly Propane S&D Report by Aggregating & Analyzing Market Fundamentals in Real-Time

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Benefits of Genscape's Marcellus/Utica NGL Supply Chain Monitoring Service: 

  • Gain a competitive advantage in trading and supply optimization with real-time, critical data
  • ​Reduce price volatility with an early warning system and real-time alerts on critical changes to flows
  • Get a holistic view of current operations and price trends during a time of rapid growth and infrastructure changes

Marcellus-Utica fractionators monitored by Genscape

Marcellus/Utica Supply Chain Monitoring Service
Get Data on Pipeline Flows, Cracker Operations & Capital Improvements on a Regional Basis