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Proven non-contact solutions for transmission line monitoring, assessment & dynamic line ratings

Transform your grid's reliability, flexibility, and resiliency with the certainty that comes through Genscape's patented transmission line monitoring system

Genscape LineVision system

Transmission line operators and planners are faced with the challenges of accommodating increased renewable generation, maintaining reliability with aging infrastructure, and contending with obstacles to new construction.

Genscape's LineVision® systems are a proven platform to enhance the capacity, reliability, flexibility, and visibility of existing transmission lines.

Featuring patented non-contact AC-magnetic field sensors, the patented Genscape LineVision system is a complete turnkey solution that can be deployed under critical lines without the need for line outages or installation crews.

Each monitoring system is backed by the engineering and field resources of Genscape – the industry leader in real-time transmission monitoring, with over 5,000 lines actively monitored. Genscape clients receive a powerful and secure web-based interface to view real-time and historical data, including line loading/current, conductor sag/clearance, conductor temperature, and thermal rating/ampacity.

Features & Capabilities:

  • Flexible, non-contact system can be deployed under lines without need for outages, crews, or equipment
  • Accurate real-time data on key parameters, including current, conductor sag/clearance, conductor temperature, and thermal rating/ampacity
  • Private cloud-based interface to monitor real-time data, configure alerts, and view and download historical data
  • Secure EMS datafeed integration
  • Complete turnkey solutions, including installation, warranty, and data delivery setup

Line Data Provided:

  • Flexible, non-contact system can be deployed on any line without need for outages, crews, or equipment
  • Real-time dynamic line ratings (DLR)
  • Real-time short term emergency limits
  • MW, MVAR, Power Factor
  • Loading/current
  • Conductor sag/clearance
  • Conductor blowout/horizontal movement
  • Conductor temperature
  • Icing and galloping detection

For more information on Genscape's LineVision®, click here to download the data sheet


Delivery: Real-time, secure datafeed to EMS and web interface

Frequency: Real-time

Locations: Global

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Understand how electromagnetic field sensors are a non-contact approach to determine Dynamic Line Ratings

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Transmission Line Monitoring & Dynamic Line Ratings

Genscape’s LineVision Transmission Line Monitoring and Dynamic Line Rating system provides transmission operators with complete real-time visibility on critical lines. This service is the gold standard in wide-area transmission system monitoring, accurately capturing physical line data, including conductor clearance/sag, line loading (current), conductor temperature, thermal rating, VARs, voltage excursions, and conductor horizontal displacement (blowout). Current ampacity graph

Transmission Operators can use LineVision to enhance operational visibility on key lines, drive improved contingency rating decisions, and implement Dynamic Line Rating for enhanced asset utilization. Dynamic Line Ratings have been shown to improve transmission network reliability, relieve power line congestion, and safely permit 15 to 25 percent more power to be moved over existing circuits vs. static ratings.


  • Solve renewables integration and congestion issues with Dynamic Line Rating
  • Gain operational flexibility to schedule and reliably manage outages and avoid triggering Special Protection Schemes
  • Gain real-time visibility on line conditions/threats, including icing, galloping, blowouts, and conductor tampering
  • Wide area monitoring system to accurately monitor voltage, VARs, current, and ampacity
Understand how electromagnetic field sensors are a non-contact approach to determine Dynamic Line Ratings

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Transmission Conductor Assessment

Do you have questions or concerns about specific lines, spans or sections? Need to validate whether they are operating within clearance, temperature, or rating limits? Need to anchor or tighten PLS-CADD and TL-Pro Models with as-is measurements?

The Transmission Conductor Assessment Service offers a powerful yet flexible tool to validate critical line parameters without requiring an outage, ground crews, or equipment. LineVision systems are deployed for up to 90 days to capture a full range of data over different operating and environmental conditions.


  • Perform due diligence on physical line behavior to inform key planning/engineering decisions
  • Resolve uncertainties about lines of concern with "ground-truthed" data
  • Tighten PLS-CADD and TL-Pro model accuracy with as-is measurements
  • Intelligently and confidently prioritize capital projects

Services include:

  • Installation, calibration, and removal of patented ground-based monitoring equipment
  • Comprehensive report analysis of conductor behavior, authored by Genscape's transmission engineers
  • Complete dataset of conductor parameters, including ambient wind/temperature during assessment period
  • Secure web-based interface for real-time monitoring of conductor parameters
Understand how electromagnetic field sensors are a non-contact approach to determine Dynamic Line Ratings